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The Garage
4519 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Located on the corner of Santa Monica and Virgil, there is plenty of street parking to go around if you arrive early enough.  Easily located, the bright orange flames on black background decorate the Garage and draw you inside.  Step in the entryway and show your ID to the doorman, while realizing happily, that it is 21 and over, and therefore you will find alcohol somewhere in the depths of this club.  Walk through the short black hallway and step into the main room.  You get a feel of hotrods and mechanics as you gaze around.

To your left you see a DJ booth built out of sheet metal and the hood of a car.  Further in the room you see the stage styled after a mechanics garage of the late fifties. It is a tight little space perfect for an evening’s entertainment.  To your right, you see the bar. Old tail pipes are manipulated together creating interesting lamps. Well stocked and reasonably priced, a drink from the friendly yet busy bartender is easily attained, again if you arrive early enough.   With drink in hand, you can stroll over to the booths located along one entire side of the club. As you climb into the booth, it seems you are getting into the backseat of a classic car. Plop your drink on the table in front of you; now you are suitably seated to view the décor of the room from your fine vantage point.

The interior is painted with flames to match the exterior, and the odd car parts hanging from the walls will catch your eye.  The tailgates from old trucks hang artfully about and street signs announcing no parking and the likes are also part of the decoration.  The sound is always loud; strategically placed speakers spit out the music of the rockin’ bands that may be playing.  In between sets a DJ entertains you with a variety of sounds ranging from hard core Rock & Roll to boppin’ 80's hits.  Or, if you need a quick change of pace, you can wander through a doorway towards the back and up a ramp into the lounge area.  The floor is decorated with animal print carpeting and the room is dimly lit with beautiful wall sconces sporting fantastic religious etchings. Replenish your drink at the small bar you discover there, then relax on the low-rider couches scattered amongst artistic tables, where you can chat away from the bedlam of the main room while listening to music played from the second DJ booth. 

This club has it all:  gratifying sounds from local bands, great décor, plenty of seating and a place to get away and have a conversation at a comfortable level.  At the reasonably low price of five to seven bucks  (usually), how can you ever go wrong?

--The Syren

The Stage...

Garage Stage Photo

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