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Miss August, Cathie


You'll wanna take a dip in the pool with our Miss August!  A classic summer beauty!

Name: Cathie Chenoweth

Age: 21

Occupation: Massage therapist

Home: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Marital Status: Single

Fav Bands:  Go Cat Go, 3 Bad Jacks, Kim Lenz, Social Distortion, Rip Carson, Deke Dickerson

Fav Food: Mexican

Fav TV show: I Love Lucy

Fav Quote:  “You hardly know who I am or what I mean” – Walt Whitman

Fav Movies: With Honors, American Beauty, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Swingers

Most likely to be found: on the dancefloor cutting rug with my boyfriend

Least likely to be found: at home doing housework

Weaknesses: Chocolate (of course), shopping, daschunds

Fav Pastimes: dancing, watching movies, going to shows, hanging out in bars

Fav Pinup Artist: Gil Elvgren

Dream Ride: 1954 Chevy





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